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Michael dove into recording and engineering in ’82.

          With the purchase of the then ground breaking Tascam 4 track Porta Studio, he has never looked back. Learning the fundamentals and techniques of recording, Michael continued to grow and learn as new technologies became available- from Cassette to Multi-Tack Tape to ADAT to the modern DAW systems of today.


          He has been involved in one form of recording/engineering ever since. As a teenager, he recorded his own demos on his gear as well as being evolved in local professional studios, cutting demos with his various bands and musical endeavors.


          In 1990, Michael was heavily involved in the recording of his debut album with Holy Soldier, on A&M Records, both as an artist and on the production side. Michael worked with and assisted famed Producer and Platinum Mixing Engineer David Zaffiro (Holy Soldier and Little Big Town). Michael assisted with engineering and splicing tape during the tracking of the basics, working with Engineer John Hanlon. When not tracking his guitar or vocal parts, Michael oversaw programming, and other added special effects that can be heard on the track “When the Rain Comes Down” from Holy Soldier’s self titled LP. Michael was also fortunate enough to work with Grammy winning Producer and Mix Engineer Joe Chiccarelli.


          Michael continued to record and provide assistant engineering on Holy Soldiers’ 3rd release, Promise Man.

By the time the band recorded their last release- the live greatest hits CD “Encore” in 1997, Michael had risen to the role of Producer, sharing Co-Producing credits with David Zaffiro. For a special bonus studio track on the Encore album, Michael produced legendary Singer/Actor/Entertainer Pat Boone, who appeared as a guest vocalist on a remake of Holy Soldier's international charting hit track Eyes of Innocence, which was co-written by Michael.


          Since then he has produced and engineered many CD's and recording projects, including “In the Flesh, Tribute to Pink Floyd” (Spaceport Records), Death and Taxes 4 song EP "Waste of a Perfectly Good CD" (Dead Moose Records), and full length 2012 CD release of Death and Taxes "Inevitable" which Michael co-wrote, performed all guitars, Produced and Engineered.


         Michael has branched out to mixing and mastering as well. He recently worked with Brazilian MPB artist Ana Leão on her debut release       “ Ultimo Norte ”, as mix Engineer and Mastering Engineer.


         Michael graduated from the prestigious Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, a world-renowned institution for Audio Production and Engineering. Michael felt the need to continue to sharpen his skills on "the other side of the glass" to enhance his abilities as an Engineer and Producer, to create even better productions and to bring to life his musical ideas as well as the Artists that he works with.


Michael has experience in Radio add copy (Producing and Engineering 30 sec to 60 sec Radio spots), as well as Post Production for film (Recording Folly, ADR, Engineering/Editing/Producing trailers for Film). He also performs Voice Over and Character Voice (as talent) for Radio and Film.

 He works out of his project studio- the SpeakEasy, where he works with other artists; Producing (songwriting assistance, arranging, instrumentation) Recording, pitch correction through Melodyne and Mix Engineering. He works in both Pro Tools Logic Pro platforms.




Ice Age trailer

Michael engineered and recorded all Foley. Sound Effects, created all edits and spot placement, mixing and mastering. He also performed the audio "dialogue" of the adorable “Scrat”, the acorn-obsessed saber-toothed squirrel character in the scene.



Pirates of the Caribbean trailer

Michael engineered the recording of soundtrack band audio, recorded all Foley and Sound Effects, created all edits and spot placement and finalizing mix. He also performed the audio dialogue of both characters in the scene.

Toy Story II trailer

Michael engineered and recorded all Foley and Sound Effects and created all edits and spot placement, mixing and mastering. He also performed the audio dialogue of Woody as well as the trailer Announcer/ Narrator in the scene.


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