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I want to share a little about the wonderful people that have contributed their talents to my upcoming cd. To kick it off, I will focus on the vocalists who I had the pleasure of working with.

When I wrote three songs in particular for this record, I had a vision and a sound in my head for the type of vocal style, sound and vibe I wanted for each track. Each song is different, calling for it’s own unique vocalist to complement it and convey the sound and emotion I was looking for.

It literally turned into a worldwide search for these three ladies, took some interesting twists and turns along the way and eventually landed on three separate continents! What it yielded were three distinct world-class singers. It took time and persistence. But the end result brought me to exactly who was meant to sing on each track. I really believe it was destiny, a “meant to be” thing. I cannot be happier with the results! Each person has a unique and special story…….

I will rewind back a bit to when I was recording vocals in Los Angeles. I was looking for a very specific, special and powerful voice for what I heard in my head for the track “Leave It Behind”. A few months in advance of arriving in L.A. for the sessions, I placed several adds in Craig’s List and also scoured other publications, websites, forums- you name it. I received many responses from very talented and professional female vocalists. Many were L.A. studio veterans with amazing resumes. Although each response was unique and wonderful in their own right, I just did not find “the one”- that singer that not only had the chops, but had the soul…… that resonated with what I heard in my heart and head for this song. I continued the search........

Getting ever so close to the dates of recording, I had all but given up. After all the searching, posting, etc. I pretty much received responses from everyone who was going to respond. Then I heard from Honey Lollis. When I heard her voice for the first time, it was like the clouds parted and I heard the “Ahhhhhhh” from the heavens! It was amazing. Honey has THE voice I was searching for.

Funny, Honey was actually responding to my ad from the “other LA” – Louisiana that is. We began to correspond and as it turns out; she would be in Los Angeles during the window of time for the vocal sessions. It was meant to be.

I will say that Honey was an absolute professional on every level. On time, pleasant, killer voice, great emotion, versatile. I could go on and on. She just killed it! She had the soul, the vibe- she “got” the music and her contribution and performance was perfect.

What really knocked me out was the time we spent before and after the session just talking and sharing- getting to know one another.

Her story is amazing- actually miraculous. Having received her permission, I would like to share her story with all of you in her own words:

My name is Maria (Honey Lollis).

I was born with an obstacle that my parents were told would keep me from being a normal child…. I WAS BORN DEAF! Yes, DEAF! Specialists after specialist told my parents I’d never hear. But my mother had put down her Cold Duck (drink lol) by this point in her life and started living for God & picked up the Bible! So, she refused to accept that and took me over to her lil’ back woods church, with the wood floors rock’n and saints praying. There is where God moved and the miracle began!

One day soon after, my mom says she vividly remembers cleaning the house and when she turned on the vacuum cleaner AND TO HER SURPRISE, I JUMPED!! She proceeded to go to the kitchen and she brought two tin pie pans next to my crib and hit them together! SHE SAID I BEGAN TO JUMP AND CRY! Been hearing perfectly fine since! Sometimes they say too much! Lol!

God blessed my parents with their dream: 5 kids whom are all singers, writers, etc. I’m a single mom who has been singing since the age of 5, I sing any genre and yes, including Country, Rock, Pop and R&B. I have original material. I am both a songwriter and a lyricist.

I’ve always been one to rely on God for all my gifts and talents. Without Him, I’m nothing.


Blessings in Jesus name,

- Honey- Maria

Honey is an amazing person on so many levels and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her! I am also excited for the world to hear her performance!

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