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Meet Kamini!

Hello again!

To continue sharing my experiences in my recording adventure, here is another wonderfully talented vocalist that performed on my upcoming cd Unspoken, due out this October.

As what seems to be a continual theme in my quest for the most amazing singers on this planet (and in my head), finding Kamini was also no simple task. But, as the saying goes: nothing comes easy if you want the best. (or something like that!)

The initial story (as my previous blog) begins about the same…….. I scoured the Internet, searched and searched for that ONE unique voice I heard in my head. I reached out to everyone I knew in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. I posted in Craig’s list in all the major markets – including in other countries. This was the drill for several months. I received some wonderful responses, but alas, I did not hear in my head, heart and soul what was to be on this particular song, Karma.

My first trip to Los Angeles to track my vocals yielded nothing in my search. I was running out of time and hope. I KNEW this wonderful voice in my head was out there, but how, HOW was I to find her?? After exhausting all known resources and running out of time, I was all but about to give it up. Maybe this song would not make the record. I did not want to omit THAT voice or compromise just to “finish” the song. If I cut corners or settled for second best, I would never be able to listen to that song again- especially with that nagging feeling- knowing I compromised. I have not compromised to this point and I will not start now!

I left the L.A. recording sessions for a break and to visit my Dad in central California.I seriously did not know what to do at this point. I had exhausted all resources and was out of time. I was seriously bummed.

The night before I was scheduled to return to Los Angeles for the final few days of the vocal sessions, I was thumbing through my emails. There was a response to my listing…….

After reading the email, I explored the links provided and BOOM! There SHE was- THAT voice!

I was knocked out. After a brief and wonderful phone call, Kamini was in and booked for our session the following afternoon in L.A! I had sent her a rough of the track and went to sleep that night very happy, grateful and excited that fate, God, the Universe- whatever you choose to call it had once again showed up with the right person at the right time. Kamini was meant to be.

The follow day, a very peaceful, kind young professional arrived at the studio right on time. Kamini resides in Simi Valley- a mere 20 minutes from the studio! Coincidence? (I think NOT!).

I don’t like the impersonal “ Ok, your hired. Get in there and cut the track, that's great, thanks, bye now” thing. We spent some good, quality time talking, laughing and getting to know one another. I think this is important and I love this process. Everyone (imho) has a unique and awesome story to tell. During this time I discovered that Kamini has an impressive resume with a list of accomplishments from her native country of India. Her work has been featured on radio, television and film before moving to America in 2002. A classically trained singer, she is also a professor, teacher of traditional Indian voice and music in the United Stated as well as performs throughout the Southern California area. She is constantly working, teaching and performing.

When we began to discuss the track, my vision etc.- I had another amazing and quite interesting discovery; Kamini expressed to me that she had NEVER listen to or heard American Rock and Roll!! We both laughed so hard!! I thought that was so funny!! Honestly, she had not listened to anything. My track was the first thing she had ever heard! I am happy that she still decided to show up to the session!!

Well, I knew this was perfect. Kamini is the REAL DEAL, and that’s what I wanted. After recording a few takes, I had more amazing stuff than I knew what to do with. Her voice is pure, authentic and Killer!! I so love what Kamini laid down on this song. It could not be more perfect for what I heard in my mind, heart and soul.

I can’t wait for you to hear Kamini Natarajan performing on my song Karma!!!

Please take a moment to visit her official website at

Also visit her on facebook @ and dive into the wonderful voice and music of this incredibly talented and wonderful soul that is Kamini!!

Until next time!!

Peace! MC

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